Welcome to Fury-Sro


✓ First of all you should go to ®REGISTER to create a new account.
✓ After registering you need to ↡DOWNLOAD the full client.
✓ Also you can download our PATCH but I recommend you to download the full client to avoid any future problems.
✓ To know more about our GAME or If you have any problem please visit our FB page HERE.

Couple of things to consider.

➀ There is no GM that plays in the game; So if you want to speak to a GM please visit our FB page.
➁ We only sell SPoints. We DO NOT sell in-game Items.
➂ Beware of scammers. Double-check who you exchange items with, for there are those whom attempt to copy others IGN's to steal items.
➃ DO NOT buy, or sell any items or gold for real money to avoid getting banned.
CLICK HERE to read more about our Rules

THESE TIPS FOR ARABS PLAYERS ☚         ☛ هذه الخطوات للاعبين العرب.

⟿ If you want to buy SPoints you need to go to our ☞FACEBOOK page and send a private message to the GM and he will help you to purchase SPoints.